A Tournament for Romance Tropes?

Amanda Wilson and I were having a conversation about our favorite tropes in romance and we are at an impasse.

She says enemies to lovers + alpha hero.

I say only one bed + cinnamon roll hero.

Then the idea was born: what if we took this debate to Romancelandia? Which trope would come out on top?

And so Tournament of Tropes came to be.

Rules of Play

  • From February 17-February 27, submit your favorite tropes to us. Give us a reason, any reason at all for your absolute favorite and maybe we’ll use it to sway the masses.
  • On February 28, we’ll populate a 32-trope single elimination bracket for voting. Download your bracket and fill it out!

Battle of Tropes

  • The battle begins on March 1. Follow our social accounts for up-to-date info and match-ups.
  • Head-to-head trope battles will be hosted on both of our Twitter and Instagram accounts for you to vote on EVERY DAMN DAY throughout the month. Follow us both so you don’t miss your chance!
  • Even if your bracket busts and your choices get knocked out, feel free to keep on voting – it’s all fun and everyone wins in the end.
  • After each battle, we’ll update our bracket here and look out for social announcements and possible giveaways.
  • Use your own social media accounts and the hashtag #TournamentOfTropes to post your brackets and share your results.


  • Post a picture of your completed bracket by March 5 to your Twitter or Instagram, tag both of us, and use the hashtag #TournamentOfTropes to be eligible for prizes! Circle or otherwise ID the winning trope from the final pair match-up to select your winner.
  • Closest thing to a winner will receive a cool prize (we honestly don’t know what that means yet, so stay tuned…)

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