I write steamy RomComs and moody, broody contemporary romance, sometimes with a touch of suspense.

The Misfit Heiress Club

Steamy RomComs

Follow three unconventional heiresses as they run the world and fall in love along the way. These are modern stories set against the colorful and often hilarious backdrop of the fictional town of East Murray, Connecticut.

Gutter Girls

Steamy RomComs

Follow the Gutter Girls, a ragtag team of bowling heroines and the heroes/heroines who love them (even if they don’t know it yet) as they tackle challenges from terrible bosses to starting over, all while saving the bowling alley they call home.

Standalone Titles

Steamy and Suspenseful Contemporary Romance

Life gets messy, and love makes it messier. From doctors to bodyguards, these heroes would do anything for the women who turn their worlds upside down.